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Quillq Energy Corporation is committed to supplying safe, reliable and efficient energy through responsive and respectful interaction with all stakeholders.

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Qulliq Energy Corporation/Nunavut Power


Qulliq Energy Corporation / Nunavut Power is Nunavut's sole generator and provider of electricity. Our operations include maintaining electrical power to 25 communities across the Territory of Nunavut serving a population of approximately 30,000 people. Each of our 26 generating stations independently generates power for its community with diesel generators.

Our area of operation spans approximately 1,932,255 square kilometers, and no shared energy grid. Our main goal is the safe and reliable supply of electricity in one of Canada's most challenging climates. QEC's reliability for 2007 was 99.74% and has a five year average reliability of 99.89%. In 2007, QEC generated 155 megawatt hours of electricity.

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QEC is interested in finding viable alternatives to diesel electricity. So far, we have been successful with our Residual Heating projects. In 2007, we unveiled our two newest Residual Heating systems in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet. Each system supplies customer commercial buildings with heat, which is trapped from the excess heat being released by the diesel generators. The customer receives a 10% savings in heating costs, and indirectly, savings to furnace maintenance and the Corporation is able to use the by-products of diesel generation more efficiently. Ten plants in Nunavut already have some type of residual heating system, with plans to introduce more in the future. QEC is also currently working towards Hydro electric development in Iqaluit, the Territory's capital, as well as studying the possibilities for hydro-electric development in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.

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Qulliq Energy Corporation / Nunavut Power headquarters are in Baker Lake, with Executive, Administrative and Engineering offices in Iqaluit, as well as Administrative offices in Cambridge Bay and Rankin Inlet. QEC employs approximately 155 staff across the territory, of which more than half are beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement.

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In 2001, Qulliq Energy Corporation took up the mandate from the Government of Nunavut to supply electricity to communities within the Nunavut Territory.

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